Stereo Naked ”Glam Folk music”

Stereo Naked: a bass, a banjo, vocal harmonies. Restlessness and soul.
Julia Zech and Pierce Black have made themselves at home on the road, tallying up a marathon’s worth of concerts and tours since releasing their Debut Album ‘Roadkill Highway’. The mixture of Folk and Indie in their music paints a dappled scene: here, feminine charm mingles with a dash of dark cynicism, while yodelling odes tell tales of uncertain love. and there’s a simple honesty to it all.
Each song is a small handmade story that never loses its plot, inviting the listener to stay a while with each phrase, just for a few minutes or for far longer.
Stereo Naked have pulled off a cunning trick: repackaging their shared passion for Bluegrass, to take it out of its niche and use it to captivate a wider audience. What’s more, they’ve done it while filling out the genre with their own special magic, all pithy charm and intricate empathy.
No filter: that’s exactly how these two artists are, and how they sound.
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